Family Photography

Family Photography

Family photo of four. Father, Mother, and two daughters.Every family should have a beautiful family portrait to hang above the mantle, the dining table, the front hall – wherever the family and your guests will see it and admire it.

What makes a good family portrait?  Is it a beautiful, model-perfect family?  A lovely setting with all of you dressed and made up like a magazine photo?  Of course not, these things are nice but it isn’t what makes a perfect family portrait.

No, what makes a good family portrait is far simpler; it’s the love you share that makes you beautiful, and the excellence of an experienced professional family photographer that captures the beauty of your family.

Whether you come to our fully equipped studios, or we come to your home, or a special place like a cottage or park our family photography will take simply the best photo of your family you would ever ask for.



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Tips for perfect family photographyFamily photo of a mother and her two children, a girl and a boy.

Decide what style you want – formal or casual. It really doesn’t matter which, but it should reflect who your family is.

A formal, posed studio portrait is wonderful, but so is a more relaxed, almost candid, look.
Decide where the photo should be taken. Our studios are fully equipped and offer a variety of backdrops and lighting styles.  Or we’ll be pleased to work in your home or yard, or a place your family has a special love for – it is, after all, a part of what makes your family who you are.

Once you have some ideas, talk to our experienced family photographers, they will be pleased to give you suggestions, explain why something might not be a good idea, and so on.  We have photographed hundreds of families over the years – use our brains!

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What To Wear

Family photo of a father, mother and baby boy.What your family wears is entirely up to you, but it should be consistent within the group.

If you opt for dressed-up and one member wears jeans it will always seem not quite right.

Also, be sure everyone’s clothing matches in colour – you shouldn’t be ‘matchy-matchy’ but coordination is important.

Beige and brown is usually a good place to start, and allows your family’s faces to show, but don’t go too far monochrome either.

If your family has a hobby or sport together you may consider dressing as though for that – think of everyone dressed in parkas with their skis, or in your team’s hockey jerseys.  If you’d like to try something like that but are afraid it might look silly, let us know, we are happy to take some poses dressed normally, and then have you slip into something else for a few more shots.

Finally, think about the family pet.  If Rover or Coco is part of your family you might want them in your portrait.  We are happy to work with you on that, there are special considerations however, just let us know.

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