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Wedding Photography




There are a million things to do in planning for a wedding. It’s a huge job and it takes a lot of time and effort. Choosing and booking the right photographer is a big item on the” to do” list. So, how do you go about choosing a photographer? And what are the myths surrounding wedding photographers? We’ll try to help you in this article, and of course, we’d hope that in the end you consider us.

How to choose your Wedding Photographer?

Wedding-8949In 2012, the average cost of a wedding in Canada was $ 25,000. Since most wedding planners suggest that you spend 10-12% of your budget on photography, then the average cost for a wedding photographer is between $2,500 and $ 3,000. Your budget, as it turns out, will eliminate certain photographers, as too expensive. Famous photographers, in high demand, naturally charge a lot, because they can. That doesn’t mean their photos are any better than someone at half that price. Know exactly what you’re paying for.

What is important is to look at the quality of the photographer’s work. We want to make sure that the photos are clear, sharp, with good composition. In fact, that’s the big difference between your nephew or uncle shooting your wedding and a professional wedding photographer. Is the old saying true, that “you get what you pay for”? Not really. In this case, it’s a myth. All professional wedding photographers are very capable and the quality of their photographs is quite good.

So, if all wedding photographers are good, do you choose the one with the lowest price? How do you choose? You choose based on your interview of the photographer during your first consultation session.

During your consultation you want to make sure that:

1. The photographer understands you and your style.
2. You will get the image files, in high definition, as part of the package price.
3. You may choose, from a list, your “must have” shots for your wedding.


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Style: Classic or Photojournalistic?

There are two completely different ways to shoot a wedding. In Classic wedding photography the shots are posed and the photographer directs the action. Sometimes, part of the shoot is at the photo studio. Photojournalistic is more candid shots, like editorial reporting covering a news event. The photographer tries to capture the emotions of the day, for the couple, the bridal party and the guests.

The style that has been popular lately is like a fashion shoot, a combination of the two styles. In fashion photography, like that you find in magazines, it involves a lot of post-processing of the images to give them a more dramatic and crisp look.


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